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NORMAL HOURS - Our hours are Monday-Friday 9am-4pm PST (closed on weekends and holidays).

We work very hard to complete orders as quickly as possible and seek to get your orders to you in plenty of time for events but orders need some time to cut, weed, then ship.  Your order may take 1-3 weeks to receive.

If you need an order to be rushed, we have 2 options:

USA PRIORITY - (order will process as normal but be shipped by USPS Priority Mail)

USA RUSH PRIORITY (order will be put at the top of the list to be processed and shipped by USPS Priority Mail) - Note - during our busy season even Rush Orders may take some time as they also are put in order they are received.

CANADIAN RUSH (no priority) Order will be moved to the front of the line for processing but shipped regular shipping (5-21 days).  For Priority shipping to Canada, please email us for options.

(Aug-Dec), RUSH PRIORITY orders will be prioritized by order date and time.  If large orders come in prior to your order, it still may take a few days to process.


 NOTE:  We ship from a small town in North Idaho and overnight shipping may not be available.



Thanksgiving -We will be closed the week of Thanksgiving.  You will be able to place an order but it may not be processed until the Monday after Thanksgiving. Orders will be processed in the order received.  Rush orders will be moved to the front of the line but still be processed in the order of rush orders received (if a large rush order is in front, other rush orders may take a day or two to complete).  Orders still may take 1-2 weeks to process after we open on that Monday.


CHRISTMAS - We will be closed about 2 weeks for Christmas.  Our site may be closed where you will only be able to view items but not actually place an order.  The order button will be available a few days before we actually open.  If our site is open, orders may not be filled until after we open again and then will be filled in the order received. A message on the front page will let you know if you will be able to order or not.  Please feel free to email us if you have any questions.



Average Processing Time - 1 day -2 weeks (We process orders as they are recieved.  It all depends on how many orders we receive and how involved each order is as to how long it will be for your order to ship.)

Normal Shipping Time 3-5 business days. (Ship USPS 1st Class)  You should receive an email with the shipping information when it has been processed to ship.

Large Orders or Super Saturday orders - allow 2 1/2 weeks to process your order.


If you are ordering from the UNITED STATES and ordering Vinyl Only, use the free shipping code for orders over $50.00



*** We are sorry that we are no longer able to offer the free shipping to Canadian orders due to the increased shipping prices. ***

Orders with wood or other non vinyl items- please DO NOT use the free shipping code

 Note:  Large wood orders may take over a week to ship.  We will try to find the cheapest and quickest way for shipping but usually the fastest way is too expensive for some wood items.


We ship First Class up to 13 oz. and then Priority Mail, Flat Rate Box, or UPS for large orders.  Our charges are based on weight. 

Shipping charges include: shipping, packaging, and fees charged to us. 

(If we do not need all of the shipping funds that you have been charged, we will refund the extra to you.) 

If you desire a different form of shipping or if you have placed a large special order for groups containing wood kits, we may need to quote you a shipping price. 


Up to 1oz            $3.00

1oz - 13              $6.00

13oz - 2 lbs.        $9.00

2 lb 1 oz - 6 lb     $15.00

over 10 lbs          $30.00+ (Contact us for adjusting                                                   shipping prices)

NOTE:  Canadian prices have been raised due to the rise in charges to us.  The shipping scale is different so please disregard the above scale. 

*** If your order does not need all that is charged to us, we will refund the difference ***

If we shut down the ordering part of the website, you will be able to view our items but unable to order.

If we leave the website open for ordering but close for a holiday, we will not fill the orders until we resume business and then will fill orders as they were placed. 

For record keeping purposes, we request that all correspondence be by email.



If you need to cancel an order within 24 hours of placing, there will be a minimum charge of $1.00 to cover charges placed on this order by PayPal.

If you wish to cancel an order that has not yet shipped but the order is over 24 hours, there may be an additional restocking fee depending on the items and colors ordered along with the minimun charge of $1.00.

Special orders specific to only you that have already been cut may not be refunded.  If the order was worked up but not cut, you may be refunded a portion depending on the work involved. 


Because of the nature of vinyl and the fact that each item is specifically cut for each order, we do not accept returns for refund. 

If items are returned to us unopened, a 25% charge will be deducted (restocking fee) as well as the shipping.  The remaining money will be refunded to the credit card used - no acceptions.


We take great care in the shipping of our items.  We package in boxes and padded envelopes, whichever will be the best for the item ordered.  We are not responsible for an item once it has been mailed....however, under some circumstances, we may reissue an order if we feel that unusual activities caused damage to the order.

Sometimes vinyl has issues of its own and may need to be replaced.  We test each piece cut by lifting a corner to see if the vinyl seems good.  However, sometimes one part of a piece of vinyl might show good and yet another be difficult.  If we feel the problem was with the vinyl, we will replace the damaged vinyl.  We do not refund or replace vinyl that has been ordered and through circumstances of applying  gets damaged.  That would be the fault of application.  Please read how to apply vinyl carefully before you apply the vinyl to any surface (see our website on applying vinyl).

Occasionally we overlook a piece that may be missing a part or is damaged prior to our shipping it.  We will be happy to send a replacement for the item.  (We often send an extra of something that we feel people may have a problem with.  We also may include an extra design for large orders.  These will not be charged to you but should be considered as the replacement if needed.)

We do wish for you to be happy with our products.  Please communicate with us by email if you have a question or issues.  We address each on an individual basis.  Most often items that seem difficult acutally can be corrected with a little more information.


Thank you for shopping with us!

Diane and Erin

Vinyl - Oracal 631 Blank Sheets
Vinyl - Oracal 631 Blank Sheets

Fall in Love Leaf - Vinyl Only
Fall in Love Leaf - Vinyl Only

10 Names for Christ (Christmas Tree Ornaments) - Vinyl Only
10 Names for Christ (Christmas Tree Ornaments) - Vinyl Only

A Stable Foundation - Vinyl Only
A Stable Foundation - Vinyl Only

Christmas is Near Countdown - Vinyl Only
Christmas is Near Countdown - Vinyl Only

Believe  in the Magic - Vinyl Only
Believe in the Magic - Vinyl Only

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