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Learn how to make some of our projects.

Jar Designs

Hanging Art

Snowflake Magnets

One Word Blocks


Floating Ornaments

Kit - Christmas is Near Countdown Board

Wood Block - Rustic Technique

Rustic American Flag


JAR Designs (by Erin)

I love Mason jars!  I am a canner so I have tons of them around my house.  I wanted to do a craft with them.  My friend had me make vinyl for girls camp with the YW torch on it and she put it on a Mason jar.  My mind then went crazy with different ideas.  Here are the ideas I came up with.  This craft can be made under $5.00.  The vinyl will be available at HERE.

Attention: Jar Lantern Directions

We have discovered that some of you are having problems when making your jar lanterns. After much testing we have discovered the problem. 

1. MUST start with clean jar. DO NOT TOUCH THE JAR WITH YOUR HANDS AFTER CLEANING! We have discovered the oils from your hands can prevent the etching spray paint to not stick correctly - the vinyl may peal the etching off.  It sounds crazy but I tested lots of jars, and this was the cause of the problem. (Wash jars in soapy water and rince thoroughly or wash in dishwasher.)  If you have to touch the jar, just touch the rim of the jar.

2. Please follow the directions on the etching bottle. 

3. Let the paint dry before you apply the vinyl. (When I was testing the jars I used a blow dryer and it seemed to make the process go quicker.) 

I hope this helps anyone who is having troubles.




Items you need:
- Pint size Mason jar (or jar without lettering works best)
- Wire  2 1/2 feet (heavy duty wire I got at a hardware store)
- Wire Cutters
- Frosted glass spray paint
- Tea light candle
- Ribbon, jingle bells... anything to dress up the glass

1.  WIRE
- Place the wire around the top of the jar. One side should be longer than the other. 
- Cross the wire and twist it so it will stay.
- Take the long side and loop the top to make a handle. 
- Take the wire that just went over the top for the handle and thread it under the wire that went around the jar in the beginning.  
- Now take the wire and bring it over to meet the other wire that you didn't touch. 
-Now twist the wire together to make it stay


Spray your jar by holding your handle. I followed the directions on the the can. I sprayed my jar 3 times.  It took less than 5 minutes to do. Let dry completely between each spraying. DO NOT TOUCH SPRAYED JAR WITH HANDS (WEAR GLOVES IF DESIRED).


Add the vinyl (click HERE)


Add fun decorations and twist the wire to make cute curls with a pen.

5. Add a tea light and enjoy. 



Vinyl looks great on boards hung on the wall.  You can use the picture hangers or hang them from ribbon.  Take a look at some of our examples:


NOTE:  When you order vinyl, you need to make sure that you let us know that you will be putting your vinyl on a board to hang. 

Most of our vinyl is designed to fit a specific size.  For instance, if you order vinyl for an 8"x8" board, your cut vinyl will most likely be 7"x7".  Looking at the Ho Ho Christmas design, you will note that there is about 1 1/2" allowed for the ribbon.  If you got the 7"x7" design,  the holes for the ribbon would cover the frame of the graphic.  It would be better for us to send you either a 6"x6" or 6.5"x6.5" depending on the size of your ribbon.  You can give us these measurements in the "Special Instructions" section when ordering your vinyl.

You will also need to offset the design to make allowances for the holes and ribbon.  Looking again at the Ho Ho Christmas graphic, take note that there is about 3/4" allowed on each side with about 1/2" allowed at the bottom.  Be sure to line up your graphic visually so that when the ribbon is on, the graphic looks centered.

Check out the instructions for making a hanging picture from our blog site.





Supply list:
1. 1 1/2 inch tiles (Found in tile section in your local home store. ) 
2. Scrap booking paper 
4. Modge Podge glue 
5. Magnets 
6. Strong glue to glue the magnets on the back

 How to make them: 

1. Cut scrap booking paper the fit on a tile 
2. Glue the paper on the tile 
3. Modge Podge the paper. (Follow the instructions on the bottle) (You will probably have to do 3 coats. Let each coat dry before you put another coat on.) 
4. Stick the vinyl on the top of the paper. (You can Modge Podge over the vinyl if you like) 
5. Glue the magnets on the back

My daughter-in-law used craft paper on the larger tiles (2x2").  She cut the craft paper (scrapbook paper) to size, glued it to a clean tile, attached the vinyl on top, then used ModPodge on top of the tiles to keep them clean and durable.  (I believe she just glued the paper to the tile but she may have used the ModPodge as the glue.). 

For the clear snowflakes, we just attached the vinyl directly to the tile (no paper).  I used glass tiles.  You want to make sure they are clean of residue before you attach the vinyl.  I did not coat them with anything after and they have held up fine but you can put a light finish spray on them to be able to clean them more easily. 

When tile is completed, attach the round heavy duty stick on magnets to the back.  Make sure all residue is removed from the back of the tile before attaching the magnet.  If you have trouble with the magnet sticking, ask your local Home store for a suggestion of a glue that will attach the magnet to the type of tile you are using.

These make great little gifts!




 {Simple, and Adorable} The "Believe" blocks were my neighbor and friends Christmas gifts this year.   I thought they were so cute, so I decided to make one for Valentines day too. 

How to make:

- (1) 2x3 pine or fur board
- Spray paint
- Vinyl from
- Bakers twine (I got mine from Amazon)

1.  Cut the board  6 inches long
2. Spray paint it (Let it dry)
3. Apply the Vinyl (Remember not to center it, because you need to add the twine to it.)
4. Wrap the twine around the block a few times and then tie a bow.





Making ornaments is a fun craft for all ages.  Please be mindful that these are made of very thin glass and are easily broken.  PLEASE WATCH CHILDREN CLOSELY WHEN USING GLASS GLOBES. You may wish to plan on practicing on a couple of the globes before actually placing your purchased vinyl on them.  NOTE:  The sticky covering we use for ornaments is different than the clear plastic for our regular vinyl.  It is made of cloth and will bend around the globe more easily.

Ornaments may be purchased at craft stores like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and even Walmart or purchased online.  They come in a variety of sizes.  Be sure that you order the right size of vinyl for the size of your globe.  You can use the smaller sizes on the larger globes but not the other way around.

It is fun to make ornaments for all occasions.  They make great gifts for family, teachers, friends, and any occasion.  You can design an ornament to be a one of a kind.  Color the inside or outside of the globe, place vinyl as you wish to give it a personal touch, and attach a ribbon, bow or simple string. 

You can use a variety of supplies to decorate ornaments.  Here are just a few items you may wish to use.  Most are easily purchased at a craft store.

HOW TO COLOR YOUR GLOBE (ornament).  You can paint the inside or outside in a variety of ways.  The best is probably to color the inside leaving the outside clear for the vinyl to attach more securely but I will show a few options.



Paint - There are a variety of ways to paint the globe.  The best is to paint the inside of the globe.  Several paints work but some work better than others.  The best to use is enamel paint.  I did use craft paint but it dried very slowly and streaked.  Some use poster paint with a little alcohol and that seems to work, others have used finger paints. 

If using acrylic paint, use it sparingly and you willl need to twist and turn the globe often until the paint dries.  You can put small amounts of different colors for a fun effect.  If you shake the globe, it will cause the colors to blend into one color.  You just need to try different methods to find the one you like best.  Be sure to let the paint dry completely before attaching the metal top.

Glitter - Coloring your globe with glitter makes it so pretty when hanging from a tree with lights.  The glitter catches the light making it sparkle. 

Supplies:  Clear Globe (ornament)

                Mop and Glow Floor Wax (or something similar)

                Fine glitter - color of your choice

                Funnel - you can even make one out of paper

                Jar - use this to support the globe while working

Remove the end of the globe (the little metal part) carefully and set aside for later. 

   Pour several tablespoons of floor wax into the globe (this can be very messy so it will make it easier if use something with a good spout or one of those plastic pointed bottles to keep from spilling wax all over).

   Slowly roll the globe around causing the wax to cover all parts of the inside of the globe. 

     When globe is completely covered inside, turn the globe with the opening down to drain back into the wax bottle.  Wait for a short time so that the excess wax returns back to the wax bottle. 

     Use a funnel or make a funnel with rolled paper and insert into the hole of the globe.  Pour lots of very fine glitter (color of your choice) into the globe. 

     Move the globe around so that the glitter attaches to the wax in all parts of the globe. 

     When you think the globe is well covered, turn the globe over and insert the opening into the glitter bottle allowing excess glitter to return to the bottle.  Set the globe aside to dry throughly.  When completely dry, attach the metal hanger to the globe and decorate with vinyl.

Spray Outside - You can also decorate by painting the outside but it may be more difficult to attach vinyl if you do this.  To paint outside, be sure to clean the surface completely with alcohol and don't touch with your fingers (use gloves) as the oils in your hands may cause the paint to not stick very well.  Spray in a well ventilated area.  I made a spray wall out of a box.  This allowed me to spray inside the box without spray going all over.  I also used a jar, chop stick, and gloves.  I put the globe on a stick and stuck it in the jar in front of my spray box.  Using gloves, I rotated the globe around to cover all areas and kept my hands clean.

Spray the Outside - A beautiful effect is to spray the globe.  You can spray glitter spray outside of the globe. 

     A very cute design is to take your vinyl (a name or design) and put on the glass

     then using glitter spray or paint, carefully paint around the vinyl. 

     When spray is dry, peel off the vinyl which will leave the space where the vinyl was, blank (clear glass).  Again, be sure to clean the globe very well with alcohol before spraying and do not touch glass with fingers - use gloves.

Decorate inside - Another fun way to decorate is to leave the globe clear and put things inside.  You can put colored paper, tinsel, Epson Salt which will look like snow, little messages, etc.  Use your imagination.  You can put little treasures inside to help show your personality!

Using Vinyl

Some designs are harder to curve around than others.  Carefully cut as close as possible around the vinyl to eliminate excess transfer tape. 

If you see things are still not going to go around the curving of the globe, cut little slits between the letters or design (without cutting the actual vinyl) to help the design bend.  You may need to use a craft knife to gently remove parts of the design and carefully place them on the globe in sections.  The widest part of the globe will be the easiest to place your design.  Some letters may need to be manipulated to look correct as they may not bend around the curve correctly.


Protecting Ornament - Glass globes are very delicate and may break when working with them.  They may also break if not stored correctly.  Keep original packaging or wrap very well when not being used.  You may spray a finish spray on the outside of the globe to protect the vinyl if desired. 

Have fun!!! 



FLOATING ORNAMENTS (more info and pictures coming)

Take ornament making to the next level.  Sometimes applying vinyl to the outside of the ornament (globe) can be difficult because of the curves but this process allows you to apply the vinyl to a flat surface. It is easy and almost anyone can do this.

Your order comes with the vinyl and a floater which is a plastic disc that may be inserted inside the globe.  You can decorate inside your globe, insert the floater, and even decorate the outside to make your ornament special and unique.

 Start with a clear ornament (can be found at most hobby/craft stores).  They come clear, frosted, or colored. This project works best with the clear globe. They come in glass or a shatter-proof type material.- either works well. They also come in different sizes.  Be sure to check out the size you order to make sure that what you order will fit the ornament you purchased.

The floater is a clear piece of plastic that will be cut to fit your ornament. When inserted into the globe, the little top piece will be up into the neck of the globe.  After inserted, the plastic will pop open to fill from side to side of the ornament looking as though it is floating.

How to make your ornament: (Please read all steps before starting)

1.   Start with your globe (ornament).  Remove the metal top carefully and set aside.

2.  Looking at the design you purchased, decide if you want everything on the inside of the ornament (floating) or if you want to put something on the outside as well as the inside. If you want some on the outside, be sure to cut it away before putting design on the floater.

3.   Since the floater is flat, it will be easier to apply the vinyl. If you have two designs, you can apply one on top of the other (layered) or put one design on the floater and one on the outside of the globe (for the outside globe see the instructions on ornaments and how to apply vinyl above).

 Remove the vinyl from the backing.

 The easiest way to apply the vinyl to the floater is to lay the floater flat, turn the design over (sticky side down), line up the design to the floater (be sure the top of the floater is up), and then carefully apply the vinyl down onto the floater.

 Rub the design to transfer it to the floater.

 Carefully (and slowly) remove the transfer tape from the design making sure the design sticks to the floater.

 Now that the floater is finished, it's time to insert it into the globe.

   Carefully roll the floater (do not make a crease). Keeping the top of the floater to the top of the globe, insert the bottom end of the floater into the globe. It will then "pop" open to fill the globe with the top of the floater in the hole at the top of the gobe.

   If you need to adjust the design, use tweezers (be careful not to poke the floater and make a hole),

4. (You can decorate inside before or after the floater has been inserted.) Now comes the fun part.  You can actually decorate the inside of your ornament with whatever you think will make your ornament look cute and fun (confetti, string, sand, etc.). Be careful when inserting the items that you do not overload the area (or the floater won't fit) or break the globe.

Note: If you have put quite a bit of stuff on the bottom, you may need to cut off a portion of the bottom of the floater so it will fit better. Cut off before you insert the floater inside the globe. If your decorations are flexible (ribbon, confetti, etc), there should not be a need to cut any away. 

5. If you are putting vinyl on the outside, do so carefully. Check above under "Ornaments" for ideas on how to apply vinyl to the outside of the globe.  

5.  Decorate the outside of the globe as desired.  Now you will have a cute one of a kind gift or keepsake.





  This is such a cute project and very easy to personalize to your taste. 

Your order will come with: one board, two hooks for numbers, 7 recycled tiles, the vinyl saying, and vinyl numbers. 

You will need: craft paint, glue or Mod Podge, hole punch, and ribbon - (sandpaper may be needed).

NOTE:  If you ordered just the vinyl and plan to get your own board and tiles, we used an MDF board 1/2" thick cut 8"x13" and the tiles were size 1 3/4"x2 1/2" formica sample chips.  If you can't find this size for tiles, a little larger ones will fit the pattern or you can make your own tiles out of anything firm such as poster board or playing cards.

1.  Begin by checking your board.  It will be cut to size with holes at the top for the ribbon and indented spaces for the hooks (to be put on after the project is finished).  You may need to lightly sand the board if edges are rough.

2.  Paint the board with craft paint (we have also used house paint).  The sample is shown with a cream color paint.  You may need to apply 2 coats.  We used a sponge brush for a smooth look.  MAKE SURE PAINTED BOARD IS COMPLETELY DRY BEFORE APPLYING VINYL.

3.   We used assorted Christmas scrapbooking paper but you can use any colors you wish and design your own look. 

4.  The kit comes with 7 recycled formica tiles.  Tiles have a hole at the top.  You DO NOT need to remove the sticker on the back. 

 Using a piece of craft paper, draw around the tile as shown in sample.  Cut the craft paper along the lines.

5.   Apply thin glue or Mod Podge (we used Mod Podge) on one side of the tile (we kind of tapped the glue to make it somewhat rough so the paper would stick quickly and tightly.  Apply cut craft paper to the glued tile - onyl one side.

6.   Working with the one side, trim the paper around the tile. 

7.   With the back side of the tile showing(without craft paper) and using a hole punch, punch a hole at the top of the tile (where there is already a hole - it is easier to punch the hole when you can see it.   (If you paper both sides then try to punch the hole, it is more difficult).

8.   Repeat the process of applying glue, then paper, and then punching a hole on the remaining unfinished side of the tile.  You will be able to see the hole that you already made on the first side.

9.  Apply numbers onto the tile.  They will come with a plastic coating so remove the backing paper to the number leaving the vinyl on the plastic coating.  Line the number on the tile to look nice, rub on the plastic to apply the vinyl to your craft papered tile, remove the plastic coating to reveal the number. 

Note:  You will have 7 tiles so numbers will be on both sides of the tiles.  You will have 25 days of numbers.  There are several ways to arrange the numbers for use but I put them on this way:  0-2, 1-3, 2-3, 1-0,  4-9, 5-8, 6-7.  Some numbers repeat themselves to use as doubles (11, 22).  I put postit's on each side then practiced to see how I would use the numbers.  You may wish to change the order.

10.  When your board is COMPLETELY DRY, apply the lettering to your board.  Follow the instructions for applying vinyl supplied with your order or view applying vinyl on our website.  After you have removed the backing paper, carefully allign the design over the board spacing equally between the bottom of the top holes (be sure to have the holes at the top for the ribbon) and the bottom of the board also watching the spacing on the edges to be equal which will allow for the tiles to be centered between the design.  When it is in place, use a card or something firm and press the vinyl onto the board.  Remove the plastic top carefully making sure the vinyl is secured onto the board.

11.  Screw in the hooks into the starter holes already on the board.  If you find them still difficult to screw in, drill a deeper started hole or use a nail to make it deeper.

12.  Apply ribbon through the top holes.  We cut the ribbon on an angle to direct them into the holes.  (we cut our ribbon to about 32").  Tie ribbon leaving enough to hang and making a nice bow.

Your are done!  It will be so much fun for the kids to keep track of those days before Christmas and yet it will look so nice in your home.




This is a fun way to add character to your project.  It is so simple yet makes your project have that aged look.

1.  Mix 1 steel wool ball into 1 quart of white vinegar - let set for at least 24 hours - Do Not Cover (if covered, leave a vent) Keep out of the reach of children. This will last for a very long time.

2. Apply vinegar mixture liberally to wood with a sponge/regular paint brush - let dry (You can speed the drying process with a hair dryer)

3.  Paint the color of your choice with craft, house, or any paint - let dry

4. Sand the wood to the texture you like - be sure to do corners - This is another way to make your item look rustic.  If you over sand, just add more paint and do the process again.  If you like the look of several colors, apply each color one at a time, let each dry between colors - sand as desired (either along the way or at the very end)

  These samples are on cedar with multiple coats of paint, sanding, and mixture applied.

5. Paint on design using a stencil - Order the vinyl as a stencil, seal it over the area where you want to paint, dab on the paint in the stenciled area.  When somewhat dry (not completely but mostly), carefully remove the stencil.  Allow the stenciled color to dry completely. (Vinyl stencil works best for a tight seal but may only be used one time as it will distort when being removed).

*** For Vinyl not used as a stencil see below

6. Optional - lightly sand over the stencil area - this will add more texture and give more aged rustic look to your item. Be careful to not over sand at this point. You can sand over the design but be careful not to lose the integrity of the design.

7. Optional - Apply one more coat of the vinegar lighly to give a little more aged look.

8. Mod Podge (or varnish/sealer) over the entire project (thickness depends on if it will be used outside or not).

*** If using vinyl (not as a stencil) apply that after the wood has been painted and is completely dry.  You can still lightly sand if you wish to distress the vinyl some but not necessary (actually don't if you want to keep that crisp vinyl look).  Do not put the final vinegar over the vinyl but do Mod Podge for a finished product.

Items may be placed outside if well covered with Mod Podge or some kind of sealer.


Rustic American Flag

Click HERE for instructions

Click HERE for group instructions

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Vinyl - Oracal 631 Blank Sheets

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